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Artificial Turf installation Day 1

Artificial turf installation can become a very scary task for a homeowner to even think about trying. Am I going to ruin the turf? What if I don't level it correctly? Can I even compare to the pros? Are a few questions you may ask yourself when deciding if you should do your own yard. Rest assured with the right amount of guidance this is a job you can do yourself.

The first thing you will want to do is get measurements. Artificial turf comes in rolls of 15 foot wide by up to 100 feet long. (For example, if you have a yard that is 30 foot long by 30 foot wide you will order two pieces that are 15x30 to cover this area). Once you have your area measured it's a good idea to identify where the corners of the turf will lay. Put stakes 3-6" past each corner to mark the turf area. These stakes will ensure that you don't prep more or less then needed.

Once you have the area measured, and marked you are ready to start preparing the foundation of the install. (WARNING: A bad foundation = Money wasted) To avoid this we will be removing 2-4 inches of soil minimum. After removing the soil it's time to start doing the initial leveling. (If the area is extremely lumpy/hard you will want to till the yard first). We now use a leveling rake, or a pallet with 10 pounds on top if it and a rope for you to pull. Make 2-3 passes in multiple directions. You will want to make sure there are not anymore hills, or low spots.

Now is the time you will use the plate compactor for the first time. Make sure to read the operators manual for safety protocol, and how to operate the model you have. If you can't afford one Tool rental place have them for rent for a few hundred dollars daily. Take a water hose and wet the area before you tamp it. This allows it to compact more uniformly. Now start at one edge with the tamper and set it to a comfortable speed. Once at the end of the area turn the compactor around pressing the platea against the edge of the last pass. Repeat this process untill you made it to the end of the area. Now wet again and make horizontal passes. You are now ready for day 2 of the artificial turf installation.

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